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Just a few of the companies that have grown with help from Pipeline Pro Tools:

The Secret to Getting Consistent Clients

Our proven process to line up clients for any agent, in any market, with any level of experience.

1. Lead playbook

A playbook is a step-by-step formula to get leads. A lead is a name/number of a buyer or seller. You need 2-3 simple playbooks to get clients every week.

You'll get access to 20+ proven marketing playbooks.

2. Follow up

Good follow up is simple. You don't need fancy chatbots, email drips, or text sequences. You need a smartphone and the right scripts.

You'll get access to 5 scripts we use to book listing appts and showings.

3. Commissions

The result is consistent listings, consistent buyer contracts, and consistent commissions. Rinse and repeat until you have multiple escrows at all times.

The process is simple, but executing can be difficult and messy. Pipeline Pro Tools is your own personal marketing engine to make this process easily cloneable. Typically, it takes less than 1 hour per week.

Our Story

Hi, my name is Chris Jones. My brother Levi and I are the founders of Guerilla Realty and the creators behind Pipeline Pro Tools.

This is our story.

Real estate is the greatest business on earth. But every REALTOR® finds out eventually:

Getting consistent clients is hard.

Anybody can do a deal or two by accident. But to line up consistent clients and grow your income, you need a marketing engine.

The problem is every REALTOR® is abandoned to build their own marketing engine from scratch.

But you shouldn't have to.

We've committed the last 10 years of our lives to building a foolproof marketing engine for REALTORS®.

Enter stage left: Pipeline Pro Tools... The world's only marketing engine for REALTORS®.

A "marketing engine" is just like a car engine.

Crank it up and it runs on its own.

What if we had to build a car engine from scratch in order to drive? We'd all be walking.

But today, car engines are cloned millions of times every year in factories all across the world.

Now we can jump in the drivers seat, push a button, and speed a way.

But in 2021, REALTORS® are still struggling to assemble their own complicated marketing engines.

That's where we come in.

Get Pipeline Pro Tools, turn the key, and line up client after client with your own marketing engine.

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And as a thank you, we'll GIVE you our #1 marketing playbook for taking listings—yours to download and keep forever...just for showing up.

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All the best,

-Chris Jones

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