Real user reviews of Pipeline Pro Tools

*All reviews are <2 years old. Older reviews available upon request.

*The playbooks referred to in these reviews require no additional costs to run.

"I highly recommend the playbooks you get with Pro Tools! Everyone can learn something whether you are brand new or a 20+ year agent! I am going to put what I learned to the test..."

"...I just wanted to come back here and say right after I got off the training I started the [redacted] playbook. Now I have a listing appointment on Friday :)"

Nicole S. - Beavercreek, Ohio (Median Home Price: $275,000)

"WOW! I joined Pro Tools this afternoon and got started on the [redacted] playbook. Received 3 leads. One of them is a $375K cash buyer and ready to go! Sending buyer agency agreement out to him right now! Thank you!"

Petra T. - Raleigh, North Carolina (Median Home Price: $464,000)

"I just want you to know that I capped this year for the first time in 18 years, and your marketing playbooks and Pro Tools played a very big part in that."

Graylon P. - Troy, Michigan (Median Home Price: $423,000)

"Two months in... Pro Tools has brought me 4 active clients and 1 buyer side contract after following the [redacted] and [redacted] playbooks. Also, the [redacted] technique has already brought me a rehab/flip listing."

Rob L. - Charlottesville, Virginia (Median Home Price: $448,000)

"Three month check-in here... I have not been as diligent as I should be, but Pro Tools is working anyway! Got an awesome buyer client, a relo from out of state, closing this month."

Frances M. - Atlanta, Georgia (Median Home Price: $405,000)

"The playbooks work. Period. I am getting more clients FREE with Pipeline Pro Tools than when I was spending $500/mo. on Facebook ads. Trainings are precise and not full of upsell BS. This really works!"

"An update to July review. It's 3 months later, and clients are still flowing in at a steady clip, 7 days a week. I spend 10-15 minutes per day running the [redacted] playbook. I already have multiple active transactions going! I was spending twice this and more on Facebook ads for leads of much lower quality. Incredible ROI so far!"

Bill L. - Chula Vista, California (Median Home Price: $804,000)

"I have tried many coaching and software companies in real estate and am most impressed with Pipeline Pro Tools. They are not only computer geeks, they are also successful agents. Their “playbooks” are proven hacks to cleverly trigger organic inbound leads (for free). Then convert them into closed transactions. And they are continuously adding to and improving the product."

Robert S. - Rockledge, Florida (Median Home Price: $408,000)

"This program is excellent. It’s easy and completely user friendly. I did everything my coaches said and the leads keep coming in. The coaching and support is beyond any other. They’re quick to respond and help you succeed."

Judy W. - Goodyear, Arizona (Median Home Price: $515,000)

"I found out about you guys from a webinar on your [redacted] Playbook. I implemented it and it's made me $80k GCI so far this year. I could be doing better if I put more effort into it, but I'm still happy with the results."

Anthony P. - Central Tennessee (Median Home Price: $648,000)

"I gave Pipeline Pro Tools a try. Have to admit, it's easy to use. I got started in less than 15 minutes. So far, I've got 3 buyers leads this week from [redacted] and 2 from [redacted]. WOAH!

P.S. - A coach responds to my questions within an hour! Nobody has that kind of customer service these days!"

Deb G. - Sanibel Island, Florida (Median Home Price: $1,417,000)

"I just wanted to reach out and say thank you once again. I hit the [redacted] and [redacted] playbooks hard this week and just got my first lead. Then I ran it 4x for a total of 8 leads. I was skeptical for a few days because it took some time to gain traction but I'm a believer now!"

Brooks O. - Glendale, Arizona (Avg Sale Price: $410,000)

"After running my first playbook, I got a client relocating with her entire family. They are looking at buying three homes!!! Never would have guessed your system would work like this."

Joan C. - Dallas, Texas (Median Home Price: $337,000)

"I took the challenge you and Chris proposed yesterday and ran the [redacted] playbook. Please see the screenshot attached with 22 shares. So far I have 7 new leads and counting! Thanks"

Tim R. - Ijamsville, Maryland (Median Home Price: $655,000)

"Simple, effective lead generation at an affordable cost. I've just been a Pro Tools user for 2 months, and my pipeline is full. I started receiving leads immediately by using the [redacted] playbook."

Pat M. - New Bern, North Carolina (Median Home Price: $239,000)

"Highly Recommend Pipeline Pro Tools. I love having a marketing engine. I have used Pro Tools bring in hundreds of leads and over a dozen transactions so far."

L.R.K. - Tulsa, Oklahoma (Median Home Price: $188,000)

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